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Meet the

Antique Adoption Family 

Chastity Peppers
Founder, Owner, Picker, and Momma 
Chastity is the owner and operator of Antique Adoption. She founded Antique Adoption 10 years ago. As a child, her love for antiques was sparked by trips visiting her aunt where she would look through her old things. This love only continued to grow as she got older. In the beginning, she enjoyed going to local estate and garage sales, finding old things that needed a new home. Sometime later, the estate sale inventory grew in magnitude in her garage (the CEO began calling her a hoarder haha) and she started an eBay store in 2010, selling her found treasures across the world. Soon later she began selling at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas during their monthly trade days. After a few years of selling at Canton, it was time for a storefront. In 2017, Antique Adoption opened in downtown Shreveport on Cotton Street. During her time at Cotton Street, she and the family were restoring the Crawford Williams Home in Keachi, Louisiana, where they would move in 2018. Soon after moving, she was able to have a barn built, with the help of her family, and move Antique Adoption to Keachi- where it is now located. During this time her love for antiques has only grown, as she now picks nationwide to bring in some of the most amazing antiques at unbeatable prices. 
Keith Peppers
CEO/CFO, Husband, and Papa
Keith Peppers, CEO/CFO of Antique Adoption is the husband of Chastity and papa of Laura. CEO here at Antique Adoption has a slightly different meaning, where here it is 'Carry Everything Out' haha. Keith recently retired from an executive position in the oilfield. Retired life is treating him well, as he is now a "full-time, overworked, underpaid worker" at Antique Adoption, words from the CEO himself. He helps Chastity with her picks, loading and unloading all of the treasures she finds, mows the yard every four days, and runs the farm here at Keachi. His love for his family is unmeasurable, no matter how many trailers he loads and unloads. 
Laura Pritchard
Manager, Nursing student, and Daughter 
Laura is the daughter of Chastity and Keith Peppers and is the acting manager of Antique Adoption and full-time nursing student. Laura does all of the behind the scenes work of Antique Adoption. When she is not at Antique Adoption, she is at school at Northwestern State University College of Nursing and School of Allied Health, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree, with only a year left- woohoo! For as long as she can remember her mom has loved antiques. She has been along for the ride every step of the way, helping her mom pick, set up for shows, work with customers, and much more.